In recent times, much of the digital motoring sphere has been set aside for news on the most capable hybrid SUV, or the fastest hybrid car. Even luxury yachts are incorporating hybrid technology to save money — and the environment. 

Spurred by climate change (but mostly by rising fuel costs), the aviation industry has been making a sizeable move from kerosene to biofuels and finally, electricity. If you were scratching your head as to why it has taken the industry to long to catch up when Elon Musk has already rolled out three all-electric car models with a semi-trailer truck on the way, there are actually some pretty big hurdles innovators had to face. 

The largest of which are the use of electric batteries, which pack about 40 times less energy per unit weight than jet fuel. Aircrafts would be required to pack a hefty load of batteries in order to rival performance of traditional airliners, an option which — quite literally — wouldn’t fly. 

Still, the technology wheel has kept on turning, and firms are now closer than ever to pushing the fantasy into the realms of tangible reality. Here, some of the most promising all-electric airplanes in the aviation industry today.