There’s no such thing as a bad time for receiving a brand new car, but we dare say that Christmas is right on top of the list for ‘best times to unwrap a V8-engined supercar’.

All strategically released around the festive season, these supercars span from brand new generations to special releases that smash previous records. Here, Koenigsegg makes a case with its special edition Regera, which harnesses a brand new material that not only transforms it into a different beast, but also makes the car lighter. 

Meanwhile Porsche fans the flames for its iconic 911 with an eighth generation iteration, McLaren takes the top off its ludicrous 720S coupe, and the German folks at Mercedes-AMG attempt to re-acquaint you with a upgraded version of their track monster.

These supercars might not fit under the Christmas tree, but all the best presents never do.