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Japan’s first hypercar is also the fastest accelarating production car in the world

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Aspark Owl, we don’t blame you. 

The story behind Japan’s first ever hypercar is one that hasn’t had the same hype as cars that would come from say, Bugatti or McLaren. Not since its marketing team released a pretty wild video in 2018 of its full carbon fibre prototype doing a 0-100kph in 1.9 seconds in a carpark, at least. 

In between then and now, many thought the Owl would never actually make it on the roads, but 2021 looks set to be the year that the Osaka-based automaker makes every speed demon’s dream a reality, and so has finally opened its order books for what would be the world’s fastest accelerating car.

How fast, you ask? The Aspark Owl will bring you from standstill to 100kph in 1.9 seconds, which isn’t even enough time for you to mutter the words “oh, sh*t” under your breath. The fully electric vehicle will harvest 2,012hp and 2,000Nm from its four-motor setup with a 64kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This ludicrous timing edges out other rivals like the Lotus Evija and Rimac C_Two to put Japan back on the map for automotive greatness.

Top speed is limited at 400kph and there’s a quoted range of 450km per charge, but take the latter with a pinch of salt if you’re planning on zipping around like a maniac. 

A few tweaks that deviates from the Frankfurt Auto Show 2017 concept include wing mirrors, a differently shaped side glass and an active rear wing. The cool butterfly doors and carbon fibre body panels have been kept (naturally), as have the hydraulic suspension and the promise of a ‘super luxury’ interior.

Aspark has since opened an official showroom near its Osaka headquarters with the Owl as its main attraction, but it’s only the first in a series of automotive projects that will roll out of the marque’s doors. Meanwhile, dealers in North America and Europe have been set up, with a couple more in hypercar-hungry Middle East to be launched in the coming months. 

Don’t expect the Owl to come cheap though; its cutting-edge technology and impressive performance translates to a price tag that starts at US$3.56 million (approx. S$4.7 million). Oh, and only 50 Owls will be made — with 20 of those destined for Europe — so you’ll have to move very, very fast.


(All images: Aspark)

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