The word “Volante” can mean “flying”, “steering wheel”, and “two-wheeled carriage” in several languages, but in Aston Martin’s dictionary, it means chopping the top off its coupe. It’s always been a bit of tricky when carmakers do that, because you either get a lazy beheaded version, or a stunning convertible. Luckily, the designers at the Gaydon headquarters already had a beautiful template to work with: the DB11 coupe. The result is the brand new DB11 Volante, the firm’s definitive open-top sports grand tourer.

Aston Martin has been James Bond’s choice of getting around, and it really should be yours too. Since the British carmaker first opened doors back in 1913, it’s remained firmly seated at the upper echolons of luxury British car making. Understated but eye-catching, and extremely timeless in its designs, you immediately feel you’re in an icon, regardless of the model. As Aston Martin goes through its “Second Century” plan — an ambitious project which plans to churn out seven cars in seven years — it’s evident the brand is more than ready to enter a new era, with Daimler collaborations and new design languages on the cards. You’ll notice this especially on the DB11 Volante.

We know there are many open-top cruisers in the market, but if you have room in your heart for only one convertible sports grand tourer now, here’s why you should make it the Aston Martin DB11 Volante.