We all know yacht parties to be champagne-soaked affairs with lots of Vitamin D thrown in, but now that the entire travel industry is showing a preference skewed towards wellness, it’s only a matter of time before sea voyages come on board too. And what better way to cater to this growing trend than with luxury charter yachts?

If you think about it, these vessels are essentially ready-made wellness retreats — and highly luxurious ones at that. You’ll be hard pressed to find another way of waking up to different breathtaking views every morning, and to find a better companion to work out with than the sea breeze. While it’s not unusual for many superyachts to dedicate a space to basic gym equipment, these luxury charter yachts take fitness and wellness to a new level by not only allocating a bigger gym area, but also inviting specialised staff, such as personal trainers, masseuses and yoga instructors.

This new breed of charter yachts is a refreshing change to the indulgence that luxury superyachts have come to be known for. There are, after all the perfect place to rest the mind and body, while you’re far removed from the bustle and distractions of city life.