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Bugatti lets its customers go wild with customisation of the new Divo

A little bit of money can go a long way in getting you the car of your dreams, and if that happens to be the Bugatti Divo, god forbid you buy one with factory specifications. 

Like every self-respecting car manufacturer from the upper echelons, Bugatti has an options list that spans pages upon pages of ludicrous things you can do to your already ludicrous car. And if you don’t want to bump into another Divo at the lights with the same body and interior colours as you, pay attention now. 

(Image credit: Bugatti)

The rules are relatively simple. You can do anything you want to the car unless it compromises vehicle safety or involves the iconic badge that sits so proudly on its trademark grille. As the first batch of 40 Divos roll off the production line and into the hearts of their rich owners, we’re beginning to see just how bespoke the team can get with this hypercar.

On the outside, just about any paint colour on the spectrum can be had, whether it’s Pantone’s colour of the year or a bolt of French Blue, although anything out of the ordinary can take up to four months to develop. If you’re not big on paint, a raw carbon exterior with red and blue stripes can also be had.

The customisation options get wilder inside. The team will accommodate everything from company logos (?) and family crests to national flags and even your kids’ footprints embossed in leather. Have trouble remembering your partner’s name or an anniversary? Have it embroidered into the door pockets. 

(Image credit: Bugatti)

Bugatti has revealed that more than two-thirds of Divo owners have taken the leap of creativity. Each is invited to the Molsheim factory in Italy to consult with a personal team of three designers, who give feedback and suggestions to requests. The process typically takes five hours, but can also drag past a year, as it did with one passionate driver. 

Other requests have also included matching the leather interiors to a handbag or favourite pair of shoes, adding centerline striping, or incorporating contrasting-coloured wheels. 

With an 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 under the hood that makes 1,500hp and 1,600Nm of torque, the Divo is truly a special car that handles spectacularly, especially around the corners. Now all that’s left to do is to let your imagination take flight, but — and we can’t stress this enough — only if you have good taste. 


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