Bulgari has entered the car business for a short stint.

The Italian fashion house is working together with Fiat to release the New B.500 by Bulgari known as “Mai Troppo” – the first-ever electric model of the Fiat New 500 series that comes as a convertible. As you can probably imagine, the vehicle itself is fabulous, brimming with Italian creativity and luxury.

B.500 by Bvlgari
Only three units of the New B.500 by Bulgari “Mai Troppo” will be made.

The first telltale sign of this luxury is the colour itself: Imperial Saffron, a shade that’s iconic to the jewellery brand and created using an integration of special gold dust, leftover fragments from Bulgari’s manufacturing process from its production site in Valenza. It’s a brilliant colour that shimmers under the sun – almost like a jewel. The grille, on the other hand, was inspired by the brand’s jewellery motif Parentesi, while the wheel rims paid homage to Bulgari’s eight-pointed star.

Then, we explore the interiors of the car. The B.500 by Bulgari’s dashboard is one-of-a-kind, wrapped in colourful silk and hand-painted with the brand’s iconic motifs. Seats are made of octane leather, finished with a shade-on-shade embroidery.

Bulgari b 500 fiat
A look at the details. (Photo credit: Bulgari)

On the steering wheel, a diamond-set logo embellished with a valuable combination of precious stones: amethyst, citrine, and topaz. It can be detached and worn as a brooch, just in case you don’t feel like leaving it in the vehicle. And because we’re talking about a Bulgari-made vehicle here, the B.500 by Bulgari comes with a tailor-made jewellery case and a hatbox in white calf leather skin and colourful leather frames – just in case you want to change your jewellery piece for the night.

Bulgari b 500 fiat

Finally, the icing on the cake is the key itself. Sparing no expenses, the key itself is wearable, like a jewellery piece. Crafted in gold, there is an ancient coin set at its core to celebrate the brand’s Monete collection, while the sides flaunt an openwork game with Bulgari’s logo.

This isn’t the first time the Italian high jewellery brand has collaborated with Fiat on its 500 series. Back in 2017, Bulgari celebrated the Fiat 500’s 60th anniversary by letting the vehicle carry the jewellery pieces as part of the brand’s Roman Holiday campaign.

For now, the New B.500 by Bulgari “Mai Troppo” will only have three units made and will be auctioned in July 2020.

(All images: Bulgari)

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur.