Though owned by the Audi group, Italian sport bike company Ducati is pretty much like the Ferrari of the motorcycle world. It’s definitely come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1950s, when it produced small-displacement bikes. Now, Ducati dominates competitions such as MotoGP and World Superbike with their mean two-wheeled machines.

If you’ve been a silent fan this whole time, you’d be hard pressed to hold a scream in now that Ducati has finally made its way to Singapore to open its flagship showroom at the premium Leng Kee automotive belt, in collaboration with its new dealer partner, Wearnes Automotive.


“We are delighted not just with this stunning new Singapore dealership, but also look forward to our new partnership with Wearnes as they have been established to be a leading luxury automotive retailer in the region”, said Marco Biondi, Ducati Regional Director Asia. “We are confident that the partnership with Wearnes will take the Ducati experience to new heights.”

With a 90-year heritage in the motorcycle industry, it’s only right the full-fledged showroom and aftersales facility reflect the edgy, hot-blooded nature of the brand. The 280-sq-m space is also now home to the new 1299 Panigale R Final Edition and Supersport S, unveiled for the first time by Ducati’s three-time world champion MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo at the opening.

Ducati-1299 Panigale R Final Edition 55
The new Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition.

The Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition  — named after the company’s ancestral home in Borno Panigale — is a superbike that’s heralded as the most advanced and daring project ever developed. And what a bang it is. Beneath the pretty paint job is an engine variant of the 1299 Superleggera’s: the “Final Edition” Superquadro, which is loaded with 209 horses and 142Nm of torque.

Ducati decided to adopt the Panigale R’s lightweight aluminium rendition for its chassis — instead of the Superleggera’s carbon one — together with its fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension.

The new Ducati SuperSport S.

The SuperSport S, on the other hand, is a sportbike that doesn’t compromise comfort for power. Spiked with agility, the compact road machine can take on unforgiving corners when it needs to, yet can also be comfortable on long straights with its relaxed riding positions.

Powering this lean ride is a twin-cylinder 937 cm3 Testastretta 11° engine which powers 113hp at 9,000rpm. Three riding modes define the SuperSport S — Sport, Touring, and Urban — which are each customisable to adapt to road conditions. Its frame, the latest of the famous Trellis design exposes the engine as a load-bearing element, while keeping the SuperSport swift at the drop-in.

Visit Ducati’s flagship showroom and workshop at 45 Leng Kee Road to view these new beauties and more.

Shatricia Nair
Deputy Editor
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