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Ferrari’s Monza SP1 and SP2 roadsters blend old school rawness with modern sophistication

Few things scream ‘carefree bachelor’ like a suave two-seater, but nothing says you’re downright proud of that fact like the new Ferrari Monza SP1, a one-seater that will propel you — and only you — into the sunset with the symphony of a 6.5-litre V12 for company. 

Ferrari Monza SP1
The one-seater Ferrari Monza SP1.

For those who score the occasional date though, there’s always the Monza SP2, a two-seater version that, like the Monza SP1, will come in less than 200 units worldwide. The two limited-run series of special models will headline the carmaker’s new retro Icona series (joining the Sport, Gran Turismo, and Special Series as the fourth pillar in the ‘modern Ferrari’ portfolio), casting its eye back at its rich history to bring to life select muses reimagined for the 21st century. 

In keeping with tradition of special edition Ferraris, the Monza SP1 and SP2 will only be offered to loyal customers of the brand, all of whom will splash more than a million dollars for each of these beauties. Boldly described as “probably the closest and purest driving experience to Formula One”, the cars are based on the newer 812 Superfast, only its naturally-aspirated V12 has been dialled up to a more intense 799hp (10hp more) for a 0-100kph time of 2.9 seconds.

Ferrari Monza SP2
The Ferrari Monza SP2.

Ferrai is no stranger to beastly-looking supercars, but here they have managed to tether between retro and contemporary perfectly. The Barchetta-inspired form language takes inspiration from the 750 Monza racer of the ‘50s, veering the brand away from extreme modernity and back into its classically elegant roots. The driver sits in a cockpit that’s minimally outfitted to not only reduce weight, but also keeps the attention solely on the car’s dramatic sweep of elliptical carbon fibre. 

Inside the Monza SP2.

Like the insides, its exterior — made from other F1-grade composites such as kevlar too — are made in exactly the same way as Ferrari’s Formula One cars. Serious bragging rights aside, this also gave designers the freedom to create its huge clamshell bonnet, alongside the upwards-and-forwards-opening doors and sleek LED rear strip. Driving experience is enhanced via the lack of a roof and a windscreen, but before you worry about ruining that fresh blow out, Ferrari has a patented ‘Virtual Wind Shield’ on the bonnet that diverts some of the airflow over the driver’s head, leaving just enough to give a decent Formula One-esque ride.

The car debuts in three colours — red, black, and silver with yellow graphics — though we bet you’ll be expect to be able to customise the living daylights out of this special edition. The production run and price will be confirmed at the Paris Motor Show next month, but be prepared for some serious jostling at the dealer’s now if you’re in the market for one.

Shatricia Nair
Managing Editor
Shatricia Nair is a motoring, watches, and wellness writer who is perpetually knee-deep in the world of V8s, tourbillons, and the latest fitness trends. She is fuelled by peanut butter and three cups of coffee a day.
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