Singapore extends its identity as a city of the future with the reveal of the world’s first vertiport for air taxis at the Float @ Marina Bay, during the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress. Currently, in the prototype phase, the Voloport, as the vertiport is known, is the brainchild of German air mobility company, Volocopter, and vertiport makers, Skyports.

The creation of the VoloPort is a step towards the beginning of commercial air taxi services. In a joint release, the brands have stated that this will be a public transport service for “business travellers, tourists and anyone else fed up with sitting in traffic”.

flying taxi singapore
A Volocopter. (Photo credit: Volocopter)

According to Duncan Walker, Managing Director of Skyports, it has “identified a number of potential VoloPort locations and air taxi routes across [Singapore]”. While Singapore may be one of the first routes in the world for the launch of Volocopter’s air taxis, discussions are still ongoing with the local government on its viability. On October 22, its Volocopter 2X is set to embark on its first-ever test flight at Marina Bay with guests of the ITC World Congress in attendance.

As for the VoloPort, it is designed with passenger experience as its priority and boasts exceptional adaptability with an adjustable design that ensures that it can fit into various city locations, rooftops, parking lots, and train stations. VoloPorts are designed to meet the helicopter standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). While, hypothetically, it could cater to conventional helicopters, it’s best suited to electric aircrafts, such as the Volocopter, as they are safer, quieter, and more affordable.

This story was first published on Prestige Singapore by Nafeesa Saini here.