For the upper one percent of society, cars are so much more than mere transportation. They’re regarded as moving works of art, each proportionately flamboyant as their price tags, and a status symbol of sorts. Bragging rights take precedence over practicality and efficiency, but why shouldn’t it? After all, these are the most expensive cars ever produced that we’re talking about. Emission standards and fuel efficiency are not for the rich and famous. Speed, design and exclusivity are.

For the sake of defining perimeters, we’re only talking road-legal vehicles, while also leaving out classic cars at auctions. As expected, most of the world’s most expensive cars are limited edition, and come equipped with face-bending speeds that many could only dream of experiencing.

Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness has clearly never had the opportunity of owning one of these babies. While some are one-offs, and many are already sold out — you might still find a couple at auctions, if you’re lucky — the most expensive cars are brimming with the raw emotion and sheer power that warrants their price tags.

For your convenience, we’ve rounded up six cars that have made the million-dollar price tag list.