If you’re finding the heat wave here a little too unbearable these days, you’re not alone. If you’re dreaming up a dip in the clear, cool azure waters off some exotic, untouched island, you’re not alone either. After all, there are few more luxurious ways to escape the city heat and spend a day at the sea than on a new luxury yacht. 

With their sprawling deck spaces, chic interiors, and an armada of water toys, these yachts are easily one of the most exclusive ways to travel the earth in style. Technology plays a bigger factor now than ever before, and it extends beyond being outfitted with the latest gadgets on board to powering the entire yacht. 

Spectacular spaces that will easily fit amongst your Instagram squares can also be found on these favourites, so you’ll have no trouble bragging about your weekend escape when you’re back. 

Here are the new yachts to set sail on this summer.