As a kid, being placed in a kiddie cart meant playing the role of the driver, as your relieved parent pushed you along through parks or grocery allies, and your only concern would be to avoid getting your shins bashed to bits by the unforgiving pedals. While this garish plastic contraption was a hallmark of many childhoods, U.K. company Pocket Classics has proffered a kiddie cart option for the super rich — pint-sized classic super-vehicles, because God forbid the next Prince grows up zooming past manicured lawns in anything less than a fully automated mini Porsche.

pocket classics porsche speedster

The rides found on Pocket Classics come in petrol engine, pedal and electric variants. Each vehicle is handcrafted to scale, fitted with all the mechanisms you’d find in the original. Take the Porsche 356 Speedster as an example. For $21,442, you get a Speedster that’s 1.76m long, and 0.77m wide. Its chrome body houses a 24V electric engine, which takes three hours to charge for 3 hours of use. There’s a striking attention to detail. The scaled-down Speedster flaunts gold front and rear badges, a three-spoke steering wheel, and the signature slotted alloy wheels. The interior, fit for one, is lined with lush, red leather, so you’re not sacrificing on style or functionality despite the size. Bespoke options are available, and you can fully spec the kiddie cart of your young ‘ins dreams (and maybe your own too, since it technically can fit an adult).

Aside from the Porsche, Pocket Classics makes Jeeps, 60s thoroughbred racing cars, Vespas, Lambrettas and Scuderie Campari Miras, although certain models take up to two months to craft. You can see their full brochure here.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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