When the Mercedes-Benz Gelände­wagen (famously christened the G-Wagen and then, simply as the G-Class) was brought to life from sketch to design study in 1973, it was appropriately fashioned from wood and not clay — its extreme angularity would’ve proved too demanding for the amorphous material. When it was launched globally six years later, it was clearly meant for off-roading for both civilians and military personnel with features that abided strictly with the form-follows-function philosophy.

Now the G-Class wasn’t exactly a dream to drive, but as with contemporary off-roaders like the Range Rover, it didn’t take long before its menacing, no-nonsense good looks were noticed by the well-heeled, and the rest was history. As one of the first few purveyors of mass luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz wasted no time in adding a more upscale iteration to the lineup. The 463 model came with wood trim, leather seats and anti-lock brakes, and unsurprisingly, accounted for more than 70 percent of orders.

Many updates later, Mercedes-Benz has finally made good its word to seriously up the ante on the hunky favourite. Powertrains have come and gone, and its interiors have been swathed in a variety of fabrics, but if the pictures are anything to go by, the 2018 G-Class will finally be bestowed the major interior upgrade it’s deserved for a very long time.

This means that beyond the facade of a rough-and-tumble mountain masher, is a cushy inside that you’d never want to leave. Here’s what you can expect from the big G next year.