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Overdrive: Lamborghini Aventador S

You’re going to want to look for an empty, endless stretch of road for this one, because Lamborghini’s new Aventador S is just a polite way of saying “get the hell out of my way”. Set to launch at the Geneva Motor Show — which starts today — this low-slung Italian is now beastlier than ever. It’s going to be a whole new ride now, thanks to a revised V12, some demon chassis tweaks, and a brand new driving mode.

Lamborghini Aventador S
It’s hard to not notice this beast on the roads. Image: Lamborghini

The Aventador has long been known for being flamboyant, wide and loud. Make that extremely loud, because it comes with a monster V12, which is naturally-aspirated to release 700 horses and 690Nm worth of power.

The car might be way too wide for parking lots, and it might be a bit stubborn around corners. But it remains iconic in the motoring world — to the point where the word “Lamborghini” doesn’t even need to precede it anymore.

Lamborghini Aventador S
The massive 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12. Image: Lamborghini

So if you’re a fan of the Aventador’s previous versions, you’ll be tempted to put your house on mortgage for the one with the ’S’ badge, because there’s nothing brassier and more Lamborghini, than the new Aventador S. Some high numbers just got even higher: Its hulking 6.5-litre mid-mounted V12 now heaves up 740hp (40hp more than the 2015 version), as with the decibel level because titanium exhausts create a deeper growl. Acceleration to 100kph will only take 2.9 seconds, and if you dare, leave your foot down to hit the top speed of 350kph.

Lamborghini Aventador S
The new four-wheel steering system will make the new Aventador an even better drive. Image: Lamborghini

Put your foot down on the pedal, and the power immediately transfers to the bespoke Pirellis. Its sci-fi otherworldliness is now more potent with the agility of the new four-wheel steering system, adopted for the first time on a series production Lamborghini.

At low speeds, rear wheels face in opposite direction to the steering angle, virtually reducing the wheelbase and in turn, the turning radius. This allows for higher performance when negotiating curves. Above 120kph, both front and rear wheels will share the same steering angle, extending the wheelbase and increasing stability.

Lamborghini Aventador S
The state-of-the-art cockpit in the new Aventador S. Image: Lamborghini

In addition to Strada (comfort mode), Sport (for a rear-wheel drive feel) and Corsa (track performance mode), the new Aventador S now also has the Ego mode, which, as its name suggests, will stroke your ego all through the ride, because it’s specifically tailored to your preferences. For the latter, drivers get to customise the traction, steering and suspension to their desire.

Lamborghini Aventador S
Expect reduced drag and more downforce with the rear splitter. Image: Lamborghini

Façade-wise, the Aventador S sees several redesigns, though the overall look is still inherently Aventador. Its nose is more aggressive, and its front splitter has been made longer to redirect airflow and cool its engine more efficiently.

At the back, a black diffuser with vertical fins amplifies airflow effects, reduces drag and generates downforce, working together with the active rear wing to improve overall balance. Even when it’s going slow, there are few cars that command attention like a crouching Aventador, and this ’S’ version is no exception.

The Lamborghini Aventador S will cost you S$1,628,000 excluding COE and options.


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