Monterey Car Week might only be a few days away, but there’s already enough buzz in the air with all the updates this week. For starters, there’s a brand new EV manufacturer on the block — from China, no less — which has big dreams in reshaping the future of technology in cars. Then there’s Pagani, a motoring powerhouse which has taken it upon itself to make its Huayra even more of a dream machine with a brand new limited-run roadster.

Meanwhile, Land Rover makes its classic off-roaders great again by offering spiffy upgrades to the older generations of Defenders, proving that age shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to automotive greatness. 

Here, all the car news in August to get acquainted with.

Pagani releases its new million-dollar toy

This might come across as yet another lazy iteration with the roof chopped off, but it’s not. The Pagani Huayra Roadster BC is all-new — think fresh engine, body, suspension, and exhaust — and as usual will cost you several limbs in return for lots of power. 

With a price tag of £3.7 million (S$6.2 million), you’ll get a custom Mercedes-AMG 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 that’s mighty obnoxious with 791hp and 571Nm of torque. The bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R will accompany the new lightweight body, crafted out of a completely new composite of carbon to be lighter yet stiffer, so you can push the car harder on track. Aerodynamics have also been looked at, especially since it’s a roadster, with new lines, angles, and more wings to keep it grounded.

Because two or three exhaust tips are boring, Pagani added six titanium ones to this hardcore ride, of which only 40 millionaires will be entitled to own. 

Lotus reveals another new Evora

This time, it sheds its numbered nomenclature for a simpler ‘GT’ instead. The Lotus Evora GT is an evolution of the Evora 410 Sport and is bound for roads in 2020. Its supercharged V6 will now make 416hp (six more than its predecessor) and 583Nm of twist (610Nm if you opt for the automatic version).

Beyond more power, the new Evora also gets reworked on the aerodynamics front to minimise airflow under the car, with louvres on the front wheel arches to vent high pressure. A two-seater or 2+2 configuration will be available upon launch, with carbon fibre packages and custom leather options on standby should you wish to spruce up this already pricy roadrunner. 

The best part? The renowned British racing brand will be making its entry into Singapore under luxury car retailer Wearnes Automotive as its exclusive dealer, so you’re that much closer to accessing one of Lotus’ babies.

Lexus takes its grille to the next level

Lexus’ spindle grille has become such a signature element of the marque’s designs that it’s impossible to imagine it being any different. The all-new Sport Package for the new LX570, however, will give you one of its boldest expressions to date, alongside some luxurious accoutrements. 

Besides the striking grille and a tweaked front fascia, the SUV will also get side mirrors with chrome accents. The package will also encompass creature comforts from the Luxury Package as standard, which includes heated and ventilated seats, a 19-speaker Mark Levinson surround-sound system, and spiffy alloy wheels. Of course, you’ll be seated on semi-aniline, leather-trimmed seats in Moonlight White — a colour that’s exclusive to this version and also quite coincidentally the only one that the rich can afford to opt for. 

There’s a new kid on the electric block

Another day, another electric vehicle from a manufacturer you’ve never heard of. Human Horizons is a Chinese start-up that’s responsible for the HiPhi 1, which they’ve claimed is “a new breed of machine that realises the true meaning of smart vehicles”. 

What this translates to is essential a six-seater that’s supposedly high on tech. There’ll be an AI installed to learn and adapt to its passengers needs and the world around it, with 562 sensors to make it capable of L4 autonomous driving — theoretically. Inside is just as geeky, with nine screens that total 50 inches of display real estate. Facial recognition also means that one of its fancy suicide and/or gullwing doors will open upon seeing you approach, literally opening up a new world for those used to only regular doors.

Make your old Defender new again

If you have a Defender 90 or 110 variant rusting away in your garage with little hope of seeing daylight again, Land Rover Classic will freshen up the old icon with a new line of performance upgrades.

Built for models made between 1994 and 2016, the packages comprise of components fitted to the limited edition Land Rover Defender Works V8 launched last year. Kits here include a diamond-turned Sawtooth wheels and a Suspension Kit for models built after 2007 to provide better comfort and driving capabilities. 

Meanwhile, a Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit for those built after 2012 will include both upgrades, alongside special all-terrain tires and a horsepower boost to 159hp for a 170kph top speed.

Shatricia Nair
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