We’re can’t help but feel sad that naturally-aspirated V12 cars are slowly being edged off the roads. With car manufacturers being chased with the pitchforks and torches of earth-worshipping warriors, there seems to be no more room for the free-breathing beasts that once ruled the highways and the tracks.

As the dawn of forced induction and an inevitable diesel ban loom over the automobile industry like a massive shroud of ash after a volcano erupts, it’s easy to overlook the cars that once made the industry such a massive success. Carbon emissions have become a real and increasingly alarming problem, and the days when a car comprised three pedals, a steering wheel, and a lot of oomph are over. They’re either turbo-charged or electronic now, silently racing down roads without so much as a warning or ounce of smoke.

Now, the same eco-friendly advocates look to the i3 and Prius and do a little triumphant dance. And while we’re all for saving the world, we’re still proud of what man has achieved for the roads. Each outfitted with massive 12 highly-tuned cylinders that scoff at turbochargers and drown out the hum of electric cars, these naturally-aspirated V12 cars still stand defiant against the influx of new-age bolt-on compressors. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 5 of the meanest and fastest. You’ll want to buckle up for this.