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Singapore Yacht Show 2017: 4 toys for your superyacht

With just a week left till the Singapore Yacht Show 2017 commences, we can already feel the excitement brewing. Held from 6 to 9 April 2017 at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, the event will see some world and Asian premieres for big names in the industry, such as Princess Yachts and Ferretti Yachts.

But any superyacht is only as good as its toys, so the good people at the Singapore Yacht Show have also brought in an impressive array of the latest accessories in the market now. You’ll even get the opportunity to witness these toys in action. Always a crowd favourite, the On Water Demonstration Platform will be back again this year, where water toy demonstrations and performances will take place from 3.30pm to 6pm on 6, 7 and 9 April, and from 1.30pm to 6pm on 8 April.

And we’re not just talking about the regular kayaks, paddle boards and hover boards. From your own personal submersible to an underwater drone and some of the most thrilling inflatables, here are four of our favourite yacht toys to expect at the show this year.

Triton Submarines

No superyacht experience is complete without an accompanying mini-submarine, and if you’re headed more than a mile down south, you’d want to do it in only the best. Triton Submarines is best known for its commitment to producing the best deep-diving submersibles — each designed and certified to the most rigorous safety standards. Optional extras are possible, so you can transform your submersible into a fully functional science lab or even a film rig.


U Boat Worx

Dive deep into the waters of the Carribean — without getting wet. Handcrafted and inspected by in-house experts for utmost quality, the U Boat Worx will be your personal underwater companion. Inside, each of its components is placed strategically, and together with the ultra-use clear acrylic hull, provide an uninterrupted view of the otherworldly depths, especially at 1,700m below sea level. Submarine enthusiasts will be able to experience this via a surreal Virtual Reality experience at the yacht show.


Marine Commerce ROV — Deep Trekker

Alternatively, a drone will do the exploring for you. Marine Commerce’s submersible robots are fitted with cameras that will take the plunge and be your underwater eyes. Portable and extremely user-friendly, these ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) can be deployed from just about anywhere, sans the bulky generators or topside boxes.



This one’s made just for the kids, or the big kid in you. Funair will transform your superyacht into a floating playground with its giant inflatables, each themed to match your yacht’s livery, colour scheme and logo. Besides the usual slides, amp up the fun a notch with accessories such as climbing walls, personal watercraft docks, sea pools and floating bouncers.


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