Luxury carmaker Porsche has decided to push the brackets of what we cannot afford with its latest superyacht, the GT 115. Made in collaboration with Dynamiq Yachts, the 35-metre vessel looks like it could be the leading star in a James Bond film.

Its streamlined, sleek exterior is coated with rhodium grey metallic paint, making it shine as it glides across waters.

porsche gt 115 superyacht
The superyacht has a total weight of of 198 tons.

Its recent launch in Viareggio, Italy, flaunted the vessel’s unique design. Intended to mirror the Porsche 911’s form, its lines are fluid, sloping forward to a tapered point on the bow. Traces of Porsche’s cars can be found even in the small details, as well as the interior.

The rooms are all designed with wooden slats and aluminium, in the spirit of the Porsche Mission E. Brown’s dashboard. All the furnishings are clad in cream, white and alcantra fabric, similar to many of the cars’ headliners.

porsche gt 115 superyacht
The cabins.

The GT 115 can sail at 21 knots, and has a cruising range of 3,400 nautical miles. The craft can hold six to eight guests in its four cabins, as well as a cabin crew of six.

Dynamiq defines the GT 115 as”the modern gentlemen’s superyacht”, and we agree. If a millennial version of Jay Gatsby exists, he’d be all over this beauty. There are only seven units available worldwide, as Porsche intends for it to be a collector’s item.

The superyacht GT 115 can be yours for just S$22.7 million, and its price increases with customisation. If you want to carry your love for Porsches speed demons off the road, and onto the seas, consider getting your hands on one.

Beatrice Bowers
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