The zeitgeist of the tech world can be summed up in these words: bigger is better. Our dear Nokia 3310’s have been replaced by ‘phablets’, and our television< screens have higher and better quality resolutions than the ones we make on New Year’s Eve.

In this short decade alone, we have seen inventors and creators come up with technology that was only dreamed of in futuristic shows like The Jetsons. Maybe we don’t have flying cars yet, but Elon Musk’s Tesla is a good start, and domesticated robots are not far off. The meteoric advancement of our handheld gadgets can leave the everyday user feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Because when you have over a hundred different models of mobile phones to choose from (not including colours and storage space), let alone the choice of a thousand laptops, televisions, and washing machines at your disposal, we know how burdensome having these options can feel. So instead of fussing over the latest gizmos churned out in a nondescript factory, let’s turn our focus into being the trendsetter, by hopping onto the bandwagon of these tech trends before the bourgeoisie does.

So here, we put together all the technology trends for 2018 that you need to know.