Mother’s Day on 14th May is fast approaching, and thinking of the ideal gift to get your mother can be very overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to outdo your over-achieving brother to claim the title of mummy’s favourite child. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition to gain mum’s affections, after all. Unfortunately, though, there is no one recipe for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Some mothers adore bouquets of roses, and luxurious resort vacations on private islands. Others, on the other hand, are more practical and prefer handy gifts they can utilise on a daily basis — which sounds fairly easy. But what do you do if your tech-savvy mother already owns all of the latest gadgets you can possibly think of?

If you are a self-certified tech dummy and have no clue what to get your mum, we’ve got you sorted. Whether your mother is a tech-savvy nerd and proud of it, or just loves tinkering with a new gadget every now and then, here are 5 sophisticated and ultra-luxurious gifts for mothers on every end of the tech spectrum.

(Featured image: Bowers & Wilkins