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6 best cordless vacuums you can get for a sparkling clean home

With smart tech like robot vacuums becoming increasingly popular these days, it seems almost intuitive to get one for your home.

Don’t get us wrong, having a robot vacuum to help spruce up your place daily is convenient, but that doesn’t mean regular vacuums should be left out of your cleaning arsenal. After all, think about all the nooks and crannies the robot vacuum can’t reach, as well as how your fluffy carpets have to be deep cleaned.

We know what you’re also thinking — a regular vacuum? That heavy, cylindrical box on wheels with a metre-long hose and a trailing wire? Not exactly. We’re talking about cordless vacuums that have been engineered to be lightweight, space-saving and still incredibly powerful, sans the tripping hazard.

Besides doing its regular vacuum job, some of the selections on this list even have handheld and mop functions so that you won’t have to buy more than one device to rid yourself of an array of messes. Read on for some of the best cordless vacuums around that’ll make sure your home remains sparkling clean.

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The Dyson Cyclone V10 may not be the latest model in the brand’s lineup of cordless vacuums, but it still remains to be one of the more highly rated alternatives you can own at home. The stylish device is only 2.5kg light, and comes with a 540ml bin to store all your dirt and grime. Its 150AW suction power doesn’t just make it perfect for dust on your hard floors, it also manages to deep-clean surfaces like carpets, cushions and car seats too. This particular model comes with a 24-month warranty and six accessories to boot.

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If you’re looking for a stylish two-in-one cordless vacuum (or mop, however you see it), the Roidmi X20 is an excellent device for any home. It comes with an impressive battery life of up to 60 minutes, intuitive buttons for easy-to-use operation and a snazzy magnetic wall-mounted charging dock to hold the device in place when not in use. The vacuum also has a searchlight that’ll automatically illuminate dark spots beneath areas like the sofa and the bed for easy cleaning.

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We love our pets dearly, but the inevitable shedding can be a real hassle to clean up after. The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is designed with a self-cleaning brush roll to clean floors and carpets while also actively cleaning your brush roll as you go along, making it the perfect device for pet owners. It is also equipped with a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner and LED headlights that’ll reveal the hidden debris around your home.

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Whether you choose to mop or vacuum your home first, one fact remains the same: it’s double the work. This is where the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua comes in handy. It combines both tasks into one with a unique mopping system and integrated handheld vacuum — twice the efficiency at double the speed. The cordless vacuum is equipped with a powerful 360-degree suction nozzle, which captures dust and dirt faster from all sides of the nozzle. Besides its high-functioning performance, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua also takes health into consideration: the device is enabled with an advanced triple-filtration system to trap 99 percent of fine dust, bacteria and allergens.

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The Dibea F20 Max is an affordable, entry-level cordless vacuum that does the job while allowing you to get used to the mechanics of the product. Homeowners can dramatically extend the battery life by selecting one of the three suction power for the task at hand, making the device incredibly versatile for new users. This particular model comes with a six-month warranty.

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The Pullman J11 Pro is a large capacity, powerful cordless vacuum that is designed to be efficient and stylish at the same time. It is built with an impressive suction power of up to 20,000Pa and comes with two different speed controls for effective and thorough cleaning. When not in use, simply place the vacuum back on the wall docking station for convenient, hassle-free everyday storage. Did we mention it’s lighter than most cordless vacuums in the market? The lean machine is only slightly heavier than one kilogram, making it an excellent addition to any home.

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