A good start to a day begins the night before with a restful bout of sleep, but securing some shut-eye can sometimes feel like a luxury. We also all know it is important to maintain an average of eight hours of sleep a day, but the quantity of sleep is negligible if its quality is poor.

Sleep technology (a term that seems ironic, because bedtime is the only period we can escape the constant ringing of our phones) is a solution to add to your bedside to help you secure a sound night’s rest. There has been so much hype around sleep technology that market researchers are stating it will amount to an S$80 billion landscape by 2020. It seems like the success in this arena is due to the fact that everyone could use some added help, especially those who are looking for non-medicinal alternatives to lull themselves to bed at night.

If you want a better night’s sleep, read on to find six of the latest gadgets to get your hands on.