An iPhone case is an essential to owning the fragile smartphone. Not having one feels a lot like charging naked into a pack of angry bulls, but the protective casing market isn’t very fashion-forward. If you’re a brand-conscious individual, be glad to know that many luxury houses have stepped up with seasonal iPhone cases to dress up your tech-loving soul with.

The space for iPhone cases as a legitimate accessory has grown so much that Louis Vuitton even showcased models strutting down its Spring/Summer 2017 runway while holding iPhones sheathed in mini Petite Malle holders.

From the sleek to the outright kitschy, here are 6 luxury iPhone cases we covet.

Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk for iPhone

These Petite Malle-inspired cases cost a frightening amount for something so small, but since Louis Vuitton cases are reputably hardy, your phone is in the safest of hands.

$1,310, Louis Vuitton

Moschino Pill iPhone case

Moschino is best known for loud, in-your-face kitsch in all of its collections. The pill capsules is one emblem that has found its way into all of Moschino’s goods, including this fun pill bottle phone case in eye-catching orange.

S$130, Moschino

Miu Miu appliquéd printed textured-leather iPhone case

Miu Miu’s dusty pink printed case features a tropical fantasy appliqué patch that’ll always remind you there’s a greater world beyond your mobile phone screen.

S$200, Miu Miu

Off-White Corporate iPhone case

This mint green, minimal phone case toes the line between ironic and chic, making it a pretty succinct statement of fashion’s current mindset.

S$125, Farfetch

Stella McCartney Falabella iPhone case

You know those nights when you’re headed out to a club, but can’t find a party bag big enough for your phone? Stella McCartney solves the problem by literally making a bag just for your phone. There’s a metal link chain to wear across your body, as if you’re really rocking a pint-sized bag. It fits a card too.

S$700, Stella McCartney

Tory Burch Snow Cone iPhone Cover

Wear your love for dessert on your (phone) sleeve with this vibrant Tory Burch casing. Inspired by tri-coloured snow cones, you’ll never be without a dessert craving once you own this.

S$1o0, Tory Burch

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