In this digital age where we are predominantly occupied with our gadgets, it has become increasingly harder for us to make time for ourselves. From arranging dinner plans on Whatsapp to mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (follow us at @lifestyleasiasg if you haven’t already), Singaporeans spend an average of three hours a day looking down on our mobile phones, according to a study from the consultancy Ernst & Young.

It might come across as ironic, but these same phones we are addicted to can also offer the opportunity for us to seek clarity and guidance during a hyper-stimulated day. This is achieved through meditation apps, which offer everything from guided meditations to bedtime stories designed to lull you to sleep. For those who want to be left alone, white noise apps and other forms of meditation like Interactive Meditations (where you use motion) are also available on your mobile devices. Besides helping someone find inner peace or getting one past a mental hurdle, meditation has also been found to be an effective complementary method of reducing the risk of heart disease — this was recently discovered in a study by the American Heart Association.

To help you get past the mid-week slump, here are 5 of the best meditation apps should you need to take a break and find your inner zen.