Picture this: You’ve finally found some time for a quick pump at the gym after a hectic week. But as you’re doing some warm-up stretches, the generic playlist blaring from the speakers are starting to be a mood killer. Sure, there are occasional moments of beat-dropping that get your heart racing, but wouldn’t you like that in perpetuity – or at least for the duration of your workout?

That’s where the quintessential gym accessory comes into play. No, it’s not a Rogue lifting belt or your limited-edition HydroFlask bottle: It’s a pair of noise-cancelling wireless earphones that get you into the zone.

“Oh, but the wireless earbuds I have now get me by just fine!” Sure, they do, but what distinguishes a good pair of earphones from a great pair are just a few things: Can they withstand all the sweat you put out? Will it stay in place even as you’re doing complex movements? Does it block out the clanking of plates and the grunts of your fellow weightlifters?

To help you make the selection, here is our pick of the 5 best wireless earphones you can wear to the gym (and beyond).