Audio peripherals are now getting smaller and more ergonomic, and not without reason. First they were chunky headphones that sought to give you a permanent neckache. Then came the issue of tangled wires that plagued our earphones. And so the industry decided to do away with fraying cables and the unnecessary weight, and the truly wireless earbuds were born.

We are also living in a time where technology is rapidly advancing and converging with sleek design, case in point being the demise of the headphone jack in the iPhones 7, 8, and X. And while wireless peripherals aren’t new, they usually just did away with the wired connection to your devices. Truly wireless earbuds, however, are just two small gizmos that plug into your ears and are the definition of “wireless”.

There is the concern that the little gadgets might be easily lost in deep pockets or bags that are pseudo black holes. But the case that come with the earbuds will help create a habit of always storing it back to charge and safe keep them. It also helps that the cases are almost always chic, so it doesn’t look like you are carrying something that belongs in the dumpster.

To prepare you for the incoming wave of wireless peripherals, here are the 5 best truly wireless earbuds for anyone in any situation.