Now that working from home is the norm, it’s high time you elevate your workspace. 

Apart from comfortable chairs and cool tech accessories, one major element that many overlook is the importance of a good desk lamp. Not only do they illuminate your space, they help to focus your attention on the task at hand and eliminate eye-strain from your computer

Yet, not all desk lamps are made equal. A good number of people forgo desk lamps because of how they traditionally look– most are unattractive and serve nothing to the aesthetic of your home.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of stylish designer desk lamps that‘ll brighten up your workspace at home, while still making sure you’ve got the aesthetic on point. 

(Hero image credit: Марьян Блан on Unsplash)

Dyson Lightcycle

The Dyson Lightcycle is one intelligent desk lamp made for smart homes. Its LED light quality is built to last for 60 years, and when paired with an app via Bluetooth on your phone, will make use of a daylight algorithm to project the right brightness depending on the time of day. You can also use the sliders to change the tone and intensity of the light, and switch between different task modes. As for its LED module, it has been engineered to give users a focused, glare-free light with high shadow quality.

(Image credit: Dyson Singapore)

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Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 Table

Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen has always sought beyond designing lamps, but also to shape light and create an atmosphere that makes people feel good, both indoors and outdoors. This particular fixture was designed in partnership with the late Poul Henningsen, based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the majority of the light downwards. Each of the shades are made from mouth-blown opal three-layer glass, which is glossy on top and sandblasted matt on the underside. This allows a soft, diffused light distribution that is perfect to control glare and shadow depending on the user’s needs.

(Image credit: Louis Poulsen)

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Artemide IN-EI

IN-EI, which also means shadow, nuance and shadiness in Japanese, is the brainchild of Italian design manufacturer Artemide and designer Issey Miyake. It was designed with 2 and 3D mathematic principals, and together with Miyake’s unique folding technology, creates a form that harmoniously alternates both light and shade. The structure of the recycled material allows the shades to perfectly keep their shape without the need for an internal frame, and can be re-shaped when needed. When not in use, the lamp can also be stored flat.

(Image credit: Issey Miyake)

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Oluce Atollo

Ever since its conceptualisation in 1977 by Italian industrial designer Vico Magistretti, Atollo has become the archetype of the table lamp. Its sleek geometric shapes, comprising of a cylinder, a cone and a hemisphere not only won the Compasso d’Oro in 1979, but it also revolutionised the way lamps were imagined. An iconic design, it is made to be both ornamental and essential at the same time. It comes in three different sizes and four different finishes, making it customisable for any home design.

(Image credit: Oluce)

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Panzeri Firefly In The Sky

Firefly In The Sky is the work of Panzeri and celebrated designer Matteo Thun: a fully wireless lamp that comes with a removable shade. Inside the fitted shade contains all the technology that the lamp uses: the magnetic coupling system, a rechargeable battery, an LED source and a step dimming control with 5 light intensity settings. It is made to be portable for indoor and outdoor usage, and at 24 centimetres tall, is the perfect size for smaller workspaces and desks. It is currently available in five different finishes: white, matte black, bronze, titanium and champagne.

(Image credit: Panzeri)

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