With the winter season coming up, it’s time to gear up, and we don’t just mean with your usual helmets and goggles.

Thanks to the ever growing list of demands from skiers, recent years have seen a massive influx of ski gear kitted with technology that fits all their needs — and it’s not just your everyday smartwatch that’s going to do the trick. There are now more ways than one to track your performance as you’re racing down the slopes at your favourite ski resort.

And it’s the little details that go into these ski accessories that make them all the more worthwhile. Anti-fog goggles? Vests fitted with airbags? A portable charger that doubles up as a handwarmer? Check, check, and check.

For competitive racers, speed is a crucial factor for their downhill runs, and comfort and ergonomics are imperative when choosing the right equipment. Meanwhile, videographers would want the best equipment that can capture their subject in a variety of angles and frame rates, without compromising on video quality.

Here, we have selected 10 of the best high-tech ski accessories for you to bring on your next skiing vacation. Will you need all of them? Maybe not, but there’s bound to be something that you can use for your upcoming ski trip. You can thank us later.