Despite living in an era of advanced technology (although we have not yet reached The Jetsons’ level of possessing flying cars for everyday use), we somehow have a fascination with vintage toys hailing from ages past. Think Polaroid cameras, NES game consoles, and the omnipresent reverence of indestructible Nokia phones.

And perhaps thanks to a mixture of consumer demand, industry trends, and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship and innovation, this season we’re getting all those vintage toys again, with a 21st-century spin.

An example would be Polaroid Originals. Founded originally as The Impossible Project in 2008, it took over the Polaroid brand and intellectual property earlier in May. With more than nine years of testing, research, and feedback from the market, it is launching the new OneStep 2 that was based off the iconic OneStep with the same rainbow motif and boxy shape.

Nokia is also not one to be left behind. The beloved company has always been known for its sturdy phones and bare-bones simplicity (not forgetting the game we all know and love, Snake). It recently launched the Nokia 3310 with a few modern upgrades, a throwback to the original 3310 of its heyday.

Here, we take a look at several vintage toys that will reinvigorate your love for all things retro.