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Digital edge: 5 ultra-luxurious speakers for your home

Remember when you had bulky and unattractive speakers in your home that your parents just hid behind cabinets or other pieces of furniture? That is now a thing of the past, with many companies rethinking speakers as pieces of decorative furniture, coming up with intricately-designed audio devices that look just as good as they sound — albeit with a golden price tag.

Enter luxurious loudspeakers that amplify your music experience to a whole new level, and are beautiful enough to make a statement in a design aficionado’s living space. After all, if you’re going to be spending up to S$800,000 on speakers, they had better boost the aesthetic charm of your apartment.

If you thought listening to your favourite Prince records couldn’t get any more soul-changing, these swanky speakers will prove you wrong. Producing exceptional sound and also doubling up as sleek accents (and even centrepieces) for your home, what more can you ask for? From Bowers & Wilkins to Living Voice, here are 5 labels with audio systems that will add a touch of luxury to your apartment — and are definitely worth splurging on.

(Main image credit: Living Voice ; Featured image credit: Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound Shape, Bang & Olufsen

Launched at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the BeoSound Shape is a wireless speaker that doubles up as a beautiful wall accent. Each hexagonal tile can be displayed creatively on the wall in any size or pattern, combining superb sound with customisable design and soothing indoor acoustics.

BeoSound Shape will be available in Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya showrooms in August 2017, priced from approximately S$5,943 for a standard setup — depending on size, acoustical performance, and fabric choice.


Vox Olympian, Living Voice

Known to make some of the most expensive but refined loudspeakers in the world, British loudspeaker manufacturer Living Voice has fashioned this stylish rendition in exotic woods such as solid beech wood, solid walnut and lacewood.

Each speaker is hand-crafted and takes more than 2,000 hours to complete. The Vox Olympian also makes use of the Fibonacci pattern, a mathematical sequence found throughout nature. The speakers are priced from S$810,618.


Anima, Tune Audio

Tune Audio’s ANIMA is a three-way fully loaded horn loudspeaker with towers that form dark monoliths attached to protruding wooden horns, delivering amazing sound. The bass and mid horns are built from grade A Baltic birch plywood while the hi horn is built from proprietary epoxy compound. The loudspeaker is priced at S$72,880.


Sf16, Sonus Faber

High-end hi-fi brand Sonus Faber takes design cues from its original snail speaker system from the 1980s for the Sf16. The S$17,328 speakers feature one front and one rear-firing 5-inch bass driver in a wooden and aluminium casing. The speakers are limited edition, with only 200 units available a year, and are compatible with music services such as Spotify and Amazon Music.


Nautilus, Bowers & Wilkins

Five years of research and development have led to the creation of the beautiful Nautilus. In addition to outstanding audio, the speakers feature excellent craftsmanship — with a pearlescent finish coming from 12 carefully applied lacquer coats containing aluminium and mica particles. The Nautilus is available in silver, black and midnight blue, and its exterior is crafted in 10mm-thick, glass-reinforced ABS — like that of a Formula One racing car — with sharp edges to diffract sound. It is priced at S$84,096.


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