Imagine a fuss-free world with no wires. There will be no more frustrating struggles to untangle cords, or wasted moments packing them after a day at work. “The future is about wireless”, said Philip Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing for Apple at the launch of the iPhone X.

And he’s right. In the past two decades we’ve seen everything from phones to speakers chuck away their cords. And now leading the charge for the wireless cause? Wireless phone chargers.

The magic used to wirelessly charge phones is called Qi, an open source technology that allows you to charge devices over a short distance. All leading phone manufacturers have at least one model with Qi integration, with the latest to join the fray being Apple’s iPhone 8.

wireless phone chargers
Do our phones (that we use so often) have to stay tethered to a wired source just to charge it?

To complement the technology that’s steadily becoming a prerequisite feature in all modern phones, many companies are offering a bevy of wireless phone chargers. Even the Swedish furniture giant Ikea has its own wireless phone charger (more below), and select Starbucks stores in Boston and London have wireless charging spots for customers who need some juice other than coffee to power their way through the day.

For those who don’t have a phone that supports Qi, there’s not much cause for worry. Stylish cases are also being pushed out with Qi integration, protecting your phone from accidental drops and letting you charge your devices wirelessly.

If you own a phone integrated with wireless charging, here are 5 wireless phone chargers you should consider getting.