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Digital edge: What we know about the iPhone 8 so far

The past few days saw rumours swirling about Apple’s plan to deliver its biggest ever iPhone redesign to celebrate the range’s 10th anniversary. And we can now confirm it’s true. Forbes has recently unveiled an exclusive first look of the iPhone 8 thanks to a trusted intel at case design company Nodus. And boy, is it glorious.

iphone 8
Renderings of the iPhone 8. (Image credit: Gordon Kelly & Nodus)

Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly obtained CAD files for the iPhone 8 through Nodus’ supply chain — and then proceeded to create renders to visualise the final design of Apple’s latest smartphone. What we know now is that Apple has almost completely eliminated the chunky bezels of the previous iPhones. In its place is an elongated and enlarged 5.8-inch display (the iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5-inch), featuring a cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors.

iphone 8
Front view of the iPhone 8. (Image credit: Gordon Kelly & Nodus)

One of the most prominent features on the iPhone 7 Plus is the horizontally aligned dual rear camera of the iPhone 7 Plus, which has revolutionised mobile photography. Heralded as the best smartphone camera of all time, it boasts 2x Optical Zoom and one of our favourite functions, the Portrait mode — which has resulted in some seriously envy-inducing photos.

That is set to be further improved with the vertically aligned camera on the iPhone 8. This switch is to support Apple’s plans to venture into augmented reality, where horizontally aligned cameras are more effective — and the phone is expected to be held in landscape orientation. We can’t help but wonder how this move will affect Instagram stories in the future.

iphone 8
iPhone 8 will feature a vertically aligned camera. (Image credit: Gordon Kelly & Nodus)

Lastly, despite talk that Apple will ditch its Lightning port for a switch like the USB Type-C found on its MacBooks, Kelly has confirmed that the port is here to stay. Unfortunately, the headphone jack won’t be returning.

The good news is, despite initial rumours of delays, we can expect the iPhone 8 to be launched in September. The bad news? Apple’s latest smartphone will be significantly more expensive, with prices starting from S$1,499 — as production costs are slightly higher than Apple had originally anticipated. The iPhone 8 will also be available in more limited quantities at launch. So getting your hands on one will definitely be a struggle.

Taking into account the queues for previous launches, we’re expecting LV x Supreme-type chaos — which we’re rather excited to witness.

Dewi Nurjuwita
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