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Digital edge: Smartduvet automatically makes your bed

Let’s admit it, making your bed in the morning sometimes requires more energy than you have — especially before your all-important cup of coffee. It doesn’t make sense to make your bed so tidily, as you come home after a long day at work just to mess it all up again, anyway.

A Canadian company has simplified our woes with a self-making blanket solution. This magical product is called Smartduvet, a comforter insert that automatically straightens your blanket once you get out of bed.

No more fussing with a rumpled duvet in the morning.

The mechanism behind Smartduvet is simple. It features a lightweight inflatable layer between the duvet and the cover, connected to a pump that fills it with air when activated. Its grid design allows air circulation and prevents excess heat buildup.

And how will your Smartduvet know when to make the bed? With the app that comes along with it, of course. Just by a few clicks on the app, you can activate your Smartduvet to make the bed instantly. In addition, it even has the function of scheduling bed makings for your desired time. You know, so your blanket doesn’t make you its prisoner when you’re sleeping in on the weekends.

Make your bed with the tap of a button.

All laziness aside, this design does have some actual merit. For the elderly and people with disabilities who may find it a hassle to make the bed, the Smartduvet offers a convenient solution.

The company expects to start shipping in March 2017, with a starting price of S$383 for a single size Smartduvet kit – consisting of the Smartduvet box and sheet.

Moves like Smartduvet.

While relieving yourself of your bed-making obligations would cost you at least S$383 and most of us would rather spend a few extra minutes dreadfully making our beds each morning, the concept does look very promising. We wonder what entrepreneurs will come up for us lazy humans next.

For more info, visit the Kickstarter page.

(Photo credit: All images from Smartduvet)

Dewi Nurjuwita
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