While traversing the world for a living may seem like the dream, it is no secret that being a business traveller is hard work. Crossing time zones every few days while still combatting jet lag takes its toll on even the most seasoned travellers. And to make matters worse, you’re still struggling to work on your proposal for the meeting you have to rush to the minute you reach your destination. Not even the world’s worst turbulence can be used as an excuse.

While your 15-inch Macbook Pro may be your go-to productivity device in the office or at home, it’s not really a feasible option to lug it around when you’re on the go — especially when you’re at the airport trying to catch your 2am flight. Here’s when gadgets tailored for frequent flyers come in handy.

These must-have gadgets for the frequent business traveller will keep you at the top of your game when you’re travelling. From the ultimate time-saving suitcase that’ll make checking in a breeze, to the only watch you need when you travel, these devices will help you arrive at your destination unflustered and well-prepared for your upcoming meetings.

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Mophie Juice Pack

Arriving at your destination to find out your smartphone battery is dead, is probably every business traveller’s worst nightmare — and it does happen all too often. To avoid missing all-important business calls, invest in an excellent battery case for your phone. The Mophie Juice Pack enables you to charge your mobile device effortlessly, and extends the life of your iPhone to a total of 33 hours.

Price: S$138


Microsoft Surface Pro

Say goodbye to lugging your 15-inch laptop around. The next-generation Surface Pro is a super versatile gadget that combines laptop power and functionality in a tablet. This allows you to work from virtually everywhere — like on the plane or bullet train.

The refined design includes a longer battery life and desktop performance to help you stay productive while on the go. To enhance your workflow, complete your device with accessories such as the Signature Type Cover, Surface Pen, and Surface Dock.

Price: Starts from S$2,212 for models running on Intel® Core™ i7


Rimowa Electronic Tag

High-end German manufacturer Rimowa has come up with the ultimate time-saving feature: An electronic tag built into the suitcase. With the Rimowa Electronic Tag, you can check in your luggage from the hotel or on the go using your smartphone — making airport check-in a breeze.

The electronic tag option is available on selected models — such as Rimowa’s aluminium Topas cases and polycarbonate Salsa, Limbo, and Bossa Nova line.

Price: Starts from S$1,430 for the Rimowa Limbo Multiwheel Electronic Tag


Sennheiser CX 6 Travel

Nothing helps you concentrate better and block out external noise than a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. The CX 6 Travel are high-end ear-canal phones that block out ambient noise of up to 90 percent — ideal for when you’re on a plane, train, or at other noisy environments. The headphones also come with an aircraft adapter, which makes them compatible with in-flight entertainment systems.

Price: S$415


Apple Watch Hermes

An Apple Watch is the perfect travel companion for business trips. Besides Apple Pay, which you can use to make purchases, the Apple Watch can also be paired with a variety of useful apps — such as different hotel booking apps for a more seamless check-in experience.

Apple recently collaborated with French fashion house Hermes for a gorgeous lineup of Apple Watches, which are both stylish and functional.

Price: Starting from S$1,788


Dewi Nurjuwita
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