If there’s one trend that’s been taking the global workforce by storm today, it’s mobility. For many industries — especially entrepreneurial start-ups and creatives — working from an office is just as passé as using a dial-up modem for the internet. This freedom of movement is a sign of the times, an evolution of working culture that also demands changes in the tools that people work with, and it looks like HP’s Elite Dragonfly is leading the cause. 

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Like cars and watches, the concept of lightness in technology has been repeatedly explored for decades as a benchmark for innovation and performance. Come next year, more than half the workforce will be comprised of millennials, a generation of people who are notoriously demanding, always moving, and value flexibility. While laptops and notebooks have gone the extra mile of late, the Elite Dragonfly marries productivity with mobility like few have. 

There’s an obvious sense of lightness that’s conveyed throughout, starting from its name that’s borrowed from the seemingly weightless but hardy insect. It’s essentially a record-breaking laptop. As the world’s lightest compact business convertible, it barely makes the under-1kg mark at 999g when outfitted with the lightweight battery. 

Poor battery life has always been the bane of lightweight notebooks, more so if your schedule demands you to constantly be on the move, so HP has also outfitted the Elite Dragonfly with the world’s longest battery life in a 13-inch business convertible laptop. The long-life battery will last up to 24.5 hours, while the above-mentioned lightweight option, a cool 16.5 hours. HP Fast-Charge will also give you a 50-percent charge in 30 minutes, so working away from the desk can finally be a cable- and hassle-free affair. 

We hate to admit it, but people who work on the go are really only as flexible as their devices allow them to be. As a convertible laptop, this one allows for a number of combinations that cater to scenarios you find yourself struggling with when using a traditional clamshell model. Presentations can be done by swivelling the touch screen flat on its back (the keyboard automatically locks in this setup), while the tent configuration allows you to watch your favourite shows without the hassle of a keyboard in front of you. A touch pen will be available as option soon, so the it’ll also double-up as a drawing pad or notebook.

It’s not all brawn and no beauty. Rendered in an iridescent navy that’s aptly named Dragonfly Blue, the 13-inch oleophobic laptop sees a chassis that’s crafted from precision-cut CNC-machined magnesium, and in a thoughtful gesture sees sustainable ocean-bound plastics used in keycaps. The 85.8% screen-to-body ratio is the highest in its class, and it also means less bezel and more screen. 

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As always, security is at the heart of HP products, and we were assured in a live demonstration that its Sure Sense system is one of the best around. Developed by a team of the industry’s best — including some of the world’s most notorious hackers — the in-built malware protection enables real-time prevention by using deep learning technology, an advanced branch of artificial technology. Instead of comparing new files against a list of known attacks, this technology instinctively identifies bugs based on billions of software samples, and is often quick enough to prevent an attack before it happens. A privacy screen mode is inbuilt, alongside an integrated camera shutter so you no longer need to duct tape your lens in fear of being watched. 

(Image credit: HP)

But the laptop’s health is not all that HP wants to care about. Taking a leaf out of wellness tracking trends, the Dragonfly Elite will spearhead the HP Workwell technology to optimise well-being while at work. The AI-driven programme will learn your personal habits — including how fatigue affects the use of your mouse – over time to prompt breaks and activities. This will include short exercise videos or little alarms to get up for a short walk.

Inside, the powerful Intel Quad-Core sees up to 16GB RAM and up to 2TB of storage, and is equipped with full featured ports. 

Turns out the office of the future isn’t where you work, it’s what you’re using to work with. 


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