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Here are some of the best mini fridges in Singapore for every use

When it comes to keeping beers and indulgent late-night snacks chilled in the comfort of your room, mini fridges are an absolute must-have in any home.

Yet, that’s not all a mini fridge is good for. Certain ones are made for keeping your cosmetics cool on your vanity, and others are so portable, you can even use them in your car or when you’re out for a picnic

So whatever your purpose is, here are some of the best mini fridges you can get. You’ll never have to walk to the kitchen again. 

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This mini car fridge slots itself perfectly between the armrests of most front car seats. Not to be used as a freezer, this mini fridge is great for chilling your drinks and keeping certain temperature-sensitive items cool during the ride home. If you’re worried about it slipping, it also comes with a button base that stabilises the device and prevents it from moving about as you go about your ride.

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If you’re tired of walking to the kitchen for a glass of cold water, maybe its time to invest in a mini bar fridge by your bedside. This standard mini fridge is also great for those who live in co-living communities and need a little more space than the communal fridge that’s available. The handy device also comes with an ice cube maker, an egg tray as well as a door rack for extra storage.

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If you tend to use formulas with a shorter shelf life and have extra space on your vanity, a mini-fridge devoted to your skincare and cosmetics would be something you should consider having in your room. It’s also said that skincare products that have soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory effects work even better when stored in a cosmetics fridge. Besides, having your masks, gels and moisturisers chilled makes application so much more enjoyable in the balmy Singapore heat. This 1.2-kilogram option is only 180 by 250 by 275-millimetre in size and comes with a 12-month warranty.

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Those who enjoy regular trips to the beach or the park will find this portable fridge particularly useful. Apart from the usual chilling function, it also comes with a freezer option that lowers the internal temperature to -20 degree Celsius, making it the ultimate portable mini fridge you can have. Stuck at the beach with no power bank or socket in sight? This fridge doubles up with a USB to charge your phone as well.

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If you’re one for aesthetics, the Baseus Mini Fridge will sit beautifully in any contemporary home design. Unlike regular mini-fridges, this one comes with a translucent window on its door, making it easy for users to view its contents without having to open the fridge. It can comfortably fit eight 330-millilitre cans for your late night drinking sessions, and is also a great size for skincare and cosmetics on your vanity.

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