When it comes to preserving memories, cameras are undoubtedly the greatest invention for doing just that. But no one wants to be lugging around a heavy DSLR as they’re hiking up a scenic trail in South Korea, especially if they’re not a professional photographer. This is where mirrorless cameras enter the fray. They can capture sunsets at the same quality (if not better) than pro cameras while having a slimmer profile and most importantly – weighing less.

To put things into perspective, a mirrorless camera is a tier between the compact camera and the DSLR, while simultaneously getting the best of both worlds. You can still change the lens on the camera to suit your photo subject, but unlike a DSLR, it doesn’t have a mirror to reflect the image into the viewfinder, giving this category of cameras its name.

Recently, Canon and Nikon both introduced full-frame mirrorless cameras, a first for the two largest players in photography. While not all mirrorless cameras have a full-frame image sensor, having one increases the image quality as it can capture more light. However, they’re entering a market that has so far been largely dominated by Sony and Fujifilm. It’s anyone’s guess who comes up on top, but for now, let’s here are the best mirrorless cameras you should look at getting to document all your travels.