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Motorola’s new pared down Edge+ smartphone is still as sleek as ever

Motorola is back in the game with the new Edge+ smartphone, looking more premium than ever.

Getting right back into the flagship league, Motorola Edge and Edge+ are the hottest commodities the brand has launched in a while, here’s why. The only flagship we ever saw from Moto before they turned to foldable smartphones was the 2016′ Z.

Which, at its time, was an absolute stunner. After which they had a shallow season in making smartphones and eventually took a sharp right towards reviving the sassy Motorola flip phone. Today, two new flagships break cover, The Motorola Edge and Edge+, that slingshot Moto back to the top-tier smartphone league next to OnePlus and Samsung. Here’s what makes them special.

Motorola has called them as its “Fastest, Loudest, Boldest” smartphones ever. The phones get their names from the curved edge display, which the company is calling “Endless Edge”. In comparison, the Edge Plus meets the price range of the Samsung Galaxy S20, which is as large as the S20 Plus and shares the same camera specs with the S20 Ultra. That’s quite the bargain.

Let’s talk about the Edge+ first. The new Moto flagship runs on a Snapdragon 865 processor, the world’s fastest and gets its speed from its generous 12-GB set of RAM. The edge display, as we all know takes inspiration from waterfalls, but in this case, they certainly went way over the edge with its a 6.7-inch, FHD+ OLED panel that offers over a billion colours.

On the frontline of its camera specs is a 108 MP Quad Pixel main camera followed by an 8-MP telephoto lens and a 16-MP cam for ultra-wide shots. Both models, the Motorola Edge and Edge+ have the same 25-MP front camera. The phone is also jacked with a 5000-mAh battery that offers not just hours but days of power. Moreover, with TurboPower ™, it tops up in just minutes. The Motorola Edge and Edge+ are both 5G enabled.

The younger sibling, the Edge, also shares the same body design and dimensions – 6.7 inches, and a splashy waterfall edge. It runs on a Snapdragon 765 processor instead of an 865, like the Plus. The 4-GB RAM set is decent, but we’re not sure if there’d be enough of a punch to that.

The storage too is slashed by half at 128-GB. The camera department takes a major hit though; its best is only a 64-MP primary camera, the other two remain the same. The batter is still great at 4500-mAh but doesn’t support wireless charging.

Our Opinion

For a brand like Motorola that aim to create budget smartphones, they’ve taken a major stride by firstly reviving the classic flip phone with the Razr, and now getting back into the A-side smartphone league. This isn’t only in terms of innovation and vision, but also visible in terms of specs. Samsung and other tech titans would price them at a top dollar on their models for sure, which makes this an incredible bargain of specs for its price.

If you ask us, go for the Edge+. We see the Moto being a bit biased between the two Edge siblings. The Plus model is obviously where they’ve added most of the better ingredients, which is understandable as they want their flagship to compete with the best. But the lower end model might have some trouble making par with mid-range smartphones today. The 4-GB RAM isn’t tough enough for today’s atmosphere, but on the other hand, it still offers the same visuals and graphics as the elder model.

(All images: Courtesy Motorola)

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia India.