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Living in eternal summer may seem like a dream to many, particularly for those who dread the dreary winter season.

Yet, the bright sunny days in Singapore come with a drawback: a battle with humidity and sweat. Sure, you can always crack up the AC for quick, cool relief, but it’s really not worth risking a cold from the shock our bodies go through while experiencing two vastly different temperatures. Besides, the bills from your air conditioning can really accumulate if you turn it on 24/7.

If you’re looking for an energy-saving alternative, why not try using a portable fan? They help to circulate the air whilst cooling you down at the same time.

portable fans
(Image credit: Siniz Kim on Unsplash)

Now, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, silver metal framed ones you get at the neighbourhood furniture store. These ones are light, functional and incredibly stylish too.

Here, read on for the best portable fans you can get to beat the heat.

(Hero and featured image credit: Siniz Kim on Unsplash)


We love the Muji Small Circulator Fan for more reasons than one. We won’t even talk about how cute and minimalist the design is, just the fact that it helps to balance out room temperature while improving air circulation with minimal noise is a huge plus point for us.

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With a 20-hour long, rechargeable battery, the Mi Smartmi Fan is great for anyone who loves the breeze without the fuss of wires on the floor. It also circulates the air at a low noise level of 60 decibels, so you won’t be interrupted with loud whirrs during your afternoon meeting.

S$69.00 - S$139.00
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This USB-enabled fan is great for desks, in the car, or even while you’re camping. It is also incredibly easy to use: it comes with a single button that controls three different wind speeds, and a 360-degree tilt rotation to redistribute warm air in the most effective way possible.

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We love the Jisulee Neck Fan for its portability — you quite literally have the fan blowing at you wherever you go. The lightweight device rests on your shoulders to keep your face cool up to 16 hours a time with each charge, complete with a bladeless design for safety. We recommend using this while you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

S$33.90 - S$45.90
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If you like having a mini desk fan with you at all times, this Portable Bladeless Fan is for you. The quiet, stylish fan has four speed levels and an easy-to-clean design, so you’ll be able to use it for a long period of time without too much fuss.

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The Bear Air Circulator is the type of fan we’d want in our bedroom. With three functional fan speeds, an oscillating head and a chubby, sage green design, we’re sure this is one portable fan that’ll be a fashionable addition to any interior.

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