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6 smart appliances to upgrade your kitchen with

We always refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, but it’s time to give it some brains too. 

The fast-paced nature of technology saw smartphones fully immersing itself into our lives in less than a decade, and this gave rise to a new wave of smart gadgets in many other aspects of our lives. This includes smart kitchens that combine tech with traditional appliances to aid users in the cooking process and make it a whole lot easier.  

Cooking may be a creative art form, but it also requires quite a bit of practice along with precision and control if you want something to taste good. Hence, smart kitchen gadgets are particularly useful in this arena. 

Whether you are a seasoned cook who wants a boost in productivity or a beginner that doesn’t know where to start, we’ve rounded up some of the best smart kitchen appliances around that are sure to make you work smart, not work hard. 

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Miele KM7897 FL Induction Hob

A hob is one of the most important features in any kitchen, and it’s safe to say that we are putting our money on Miele’s new KM7897 FL induction hob. Most induction hobs have a specified area for your cookware and sometimes, heat distribution is not even because the area doesn’t match the size of your cookware. Miele’s KM7897 FL however, comes with a full-surface induction for maximum flexibility, and it comes with an intelligent pan recognition for up to six pieces of cookware. You can also set a duration for your cooking zones which will then switch off automatically when done, making it easier to multitask without stressing out at the stove. Need extra power? The KM7897 FL also comes with a Miele exclusive TwinBooster function, which helps to concentrate the power of two cooking zones into a single cooking zone if required.

The Miele KM7897 FL Induction Hob is priced at S$6900.


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Cooking with a Thermomix is a truly life-changing experience. For amateur home-chefs, looking up the recipe, chopping your ingredients, heating your pots and pans to cook is such a time-consuming experience. This is where the Thermomix comes in handy. It is the world’s most powerful blender that cooks, stirs, kneads, sous vides and even steams. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, it also comes pre-loaded with 40,000 recipes (and increasing) so it can instruct you, step by step along the way. The premise is that you don’t have to think about cooking while cooking it — it even comes with a built-in scale so you don’t have to measure your ingredients beforehand. Listen, we spent less than 2 minutes making a cold jug of lemonade from scratch without having to juice the lemons ourselves physically. If that doesn’t sound like a win, we don’t know what is.

The Thermomix is priced at S$2528.


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Samsung Family Hub Fridge

If you own a fridge at home, chances are something in there is expired. There are probably multiples of the same products too because you bought them without realising you had them at home. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge was created to eradicate these problems. It comes with three in-built cameras that give you a peek into its contents on the fridge’s home screen or on your smartphone remotely. To reduce food wastage, the smart fridge’s food list feature also comes with a recommended expiration date of your grocery items. It works best with The Meal Planner app, which suggests meals to cook based on the food available in the fridge. To make things even simpler, you can even select a recipe and create a shopping list with the ingredients required and access it directly from your smartphone at the store. 

The Samsung Family Hub Fridge is priced at S$6999.


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Miele DO 7860 Dialog Oven

Miele’s Dialog Oven uses groundbreaking M Chef technology (or electromagnetic waves) to revolutionise the art of cooking. No longer will you need to gauge your oven settings: The Gourment Assistant will suggest appropriate ones for cooking your food. Time-intensive dishes are now done in virtually no time at all as the Dialog Oven reduces cooking time by 70 percent, without compromising on any quality. Apart from saving time, it makes use of sensors to asses each individual item of food in the oven every ten seconds. This means it can cook, bake, heat and defrost a range of food simultaneously to perfection. This was illustrated with a raw fish in ice — after a trip to the Dialog Oven, the ice remains frozen while the fish is completely cooked. Magic. 

The Miele DO 7860 Dialog Oven is priced at S$19900.


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LG DFB325HS dishwasher

No cooking cycle is complete without having to do the dishes, but the wave of dread overcoming you as you see the stack of pots and plates lying in the sink is enough to put you off. Hand-washing your dishes takes time and effort, and being in constant contact with chemicals isn’t that good for your skin either. LG’s award-winning DFB325HS dishwasher comes with an amazing Wi-Fi system that allows you to set its functions, check on its cleaning status, and it also gives you a little notification when your cycle is done. It is also connected to the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, which delivers your favourite detergent to your door before you even run out. Unlike regular dishwashers, this one is whisper-quiet, meaning you never have to listen to the humdrum during a party or through the night. The wash itself should be the least of your worries: the LG DFB325HS comes with four spray arms instead of two and comes with a multi-motion technology that rotates while spinning to keep your dishes squeaky clean every time. 

The LG DFB325HS dishwasher is priced at S$2899.


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