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Space Perspective wants to take you on a ride through the stratosphere

Over the past decade or so, the likes of Space X and Virgin Atlantic have been at the forefront of making commercial space flights viable.

While this is still being worked on, Space Perspective is looking at things from a different… perspective to say the least. The company will be offering a trip to the edge of space onboard the Neptune Space Balloon.

Experience a view like no other on-board the Neptune Space Balloon.

It will function very much like the high-altitude weather balloons, only at a much larger scale. There will be an attached pressurised capsule below, able to accommodate up to eight passengers at once. It will launch from the NASA‘s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA and head in an upwards trajectory towards the Milky Way Galaxy.

You will travel upwards of 100,000 feet above the ground before stopping at the very edge of outer space. Here, the balloon will anchor itself for two hours, allowing you to take in the entire view from all angles. This suborbital flight will allow you to experience and witness firsthand the true curvature of the planet. To sweeten the deal, amenities like an onboard bar will also be available.

Don’t worry about attire or dress codes with this trip; Space Perspective offers a shirt-sleeves environment — this means that you won’t have the chance to put on a spacesuit.

The balloon will traverse the edge of outer space for two hours.

As you descend, the balloon will make a sea landing, from which you will transfer onto a ship and taken back to shore. The entire experience begins at the break of dawn and will go on for roughly six hours. According to Space Perspective, the Neptune balloon could be starting commercial flights as early as 2021.

If you’re a true flat earther, this is the best way to know for sure if the earth truly is flat.

This article was first published on Lifestyle Asia KL. All images courtesy of Space Perspective.

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