If the S$1,888 iPhone X is not expensive enough for you, then you’re in for a treat. Russian phone outfitters Caviar has announced the ultra-exclusive iPhone X Tesla. Only 999 sets will be manufactured, the first of which will be given to Elon Musk, founder and CEO of the phone’s namesake, Tesla.

iPhone X Tesla
Your new iPhone X Tesla will come in a lacquered box with velvet cushioning.

Make no mistake — the phone has nothing to do with Musk’s company. It was only named it as such because Musk, along with Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs, were the inspirations behind the phone.

What sets this phone apart from others is a built-in shock-resistant solar panel that charges its battery. Both its name and functionality suggest that it is a homage to Tesla and Musk’s advancements in sustainable energy.

iphone x tesla
On the side of the iPhone X Tesla is an engraving of the unique production serial number.

It’s not just any other solar-powered “phone case”, a term which should be lightly used here. The iPhone X Tesla has a carbon fibre base and 24k gold trimmings. Engraved into the side is a unique production serial number. This isn’t Caviar’s first foray into making ostentatious phone cases. The company also has a diamond-studded, gold-plated X-Edition iPhone.

The iPhone X Tesla will set you back 284,000 rubles (S$6,056) for the 64GB version, and 299,999 rubles (S$6,397) for the 256GB version.


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