The television is getting smarter and better every day. From the boxy, monochromatic setups we had decades ago, today we see manufacturers plonking a myriad of features in a stick-thin and sometimes curved OLED screen that can play in 4K and HDR. But what’s the use of having a TV with all the accompanying jargon if the features you want aren’t available? That’s where streaming devices come in handy.

A streaming device, when plugged in to your TV or your projector, lets you have more control over the type of content you want to see. Which means sports fans can prioritise channels like ESPN and WWE, movie buffs can go on a marathon of their favourite flicks, and parents can ensure their young’uns aren’t browsing through the darker side of YouTube.

Also, all streaming devices are capable of supporting online streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO NOW. Sure, we can view award-winning shows like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Handmaid’s Tale on our personal gadgets, but there’s nothing more satisfying than to be able to see and appreciate the tiny details on a bigger screen. You can also catch up with your favourite telenovelas instead of waiting for cable channels to syndicate them locally.

streaming devices
Netflix and chill?

The portability of these streaming devices should also be mentioned. All they need are a working Internet connection and a TV, so you can continue watching your favourite programmes in the cosy confines of your penthouse suite after a long day at the Parisian shopping belt.

There’s a streaming device for everybody, whether you’re in Club Cupertino or just an everyday fan of television. Here, we’ve compiled the 5 best streaming devices for you to take your pick. Now all you need are a subscription to the relevant networks and a compatible TV — so you can take advantage of the 4K and HDR capabilities many of these devices offer.