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Royal flush: 5 swanky accessories for your bathroom countertop

When it comes to home interiors, bathroom countertops rarely make the list for being among the sexiest or most aesthetically-pleasing features in your apartment. But sprucing up this much-overlooked space can really go a long way in complementing the rest of one’s home decor. After all, most of us spend a large portion of each morning at our bathroom countertops, where we do everything from brushing teeth to slathering on our daily skincare products.

While the rest of your home bathroom may already be fully decked out in luxurious finishes of marble or granite, sometimes it’s the simplest accessories you use (think toothbrush holder or soap tray) that can make or break its overall look. An ordinary tissue box you buy from the local supermarket, for example, will look painfully out of place next to your stylish designer candles and opulent marble slabs.

Fortunately, there are so many thoughtfully-designed accessories in the market that can make all the difference to your bathroom countertop. From an ultra-chic electric toothbrush that blends aesthetics with functionality to a stunning vanity set (soap pump, tissue box and wastebasket included) that streamlines the aesthetic of your bathroom countertop, check out these 5 swanky accessories you should invest in to elevate your bathroom decor. We mean, where else are you going to take your mirror selfies à la the Kardashians or Hadids?

Electric Toothbrush, Bruzzoni

Toothbrushes rarely fall into pace with your bathroom decor. But you haven’t seen anything like the Bruzzoni electric toothbrush. A sleek Swedish export that draws design inspiration from the Italians, the end product is a functional accessory that won’t look out of place on your black marble under mount sink.

This particular example is from their Wall Street Collection, which is available in two colours: matte black with rose gold metal trim; or white with silver metal trim. The soft touch, leather-texture embossed handle further adds to the luxurious experience, while the 40-minute available cleaning time ensures you never have to charge it more than once a week. Its matching induction charger scores further points with us.

S$212, available with a 2-year warranty, www.bruzzoni.com

Vanity Case, Globe-Trotter

While not exactly practical to take with you on your travels, this 13″ Globe-Trotter vanity case will make for a sophisticated addition to your bathroom counter. With each piece handcrafted in Hertfordshire, using “manufacturing methods and machinery that date back to the Victorian era,” each case has its own story.

The champagne vanity case is made from durable metallic fibreboard, beautifully trimmed with cream leather and secured with a combination lock. Additionally, the spacious suede interior has an inbuilt mirror and removable jewellery tray — perfect for storing your precious gems.

S$1,818, www.net-a-porter.com

Clamshell Box, Aerin

Inspired by a closed clamshell, this beautiful box is perfect for storing jewellery or other smaller knick knacks on your countertop. The accessory is luxuriously crafted in brass and intricately designed with ribbed gold accents. Arrange with other items inspired by the sea to create a truly beach-inspired setting.

S$455, www.harrods.com

Cedar Wood Scented Candle, Burberry Home

Here’s a sophisticated candle that won’t look out of place in your well-designed bathroom. Burberry Home’s cedar wood-scented candle is presented in a hand-glazed black ceramic holder with a honey-coloured twill paper packaging inspired by the unique texture of the Burberry Heritage Trench — complete with a label that references the one found inside the iconic coat.

Not only will it look chic on your countertop, it also makes your bathroom smell good — featuring warm, complex layers of intense precious wood.

S$675, www.burberry.com

Tanlay Set, Pigeon and Poodle

Streamline the accessories on your bathroom countertop with Pigeon and Poodle’s chic Tanlay set, which includes two vanity trays, a soap pump, tissue box, and wastebasket. Each piece features a lovely silver leaf lacquer finish which provides a metallic sheen, complementing an aged background to soften the look.

S$1,503 for the whole set, www.neimanmarcus.com

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