As the late (and great) Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal”. While that quote has been immortalised in the minds of fashionistas everywhere, the fact that style can even exist is credited to one category of household tools: Laundry appliances.

When you put on that new dress or button up your shirt, there’s a certain satisfaction to be found in draping a clean, laundered garment over your body. But getting to that point means having to actually wash and fold your clothes — which can be quite a chore. Perhaps this is why commercial laundromats often have rack upon rack of freshly pressed suits and gowns waiting for their owners to pick them up, because the allure of convenience is too much to resist.

However, we think that doing your own laundry can be a therapeutic pasttime, especially during the weekend. You can finally pick up where you left off in the book you couldn’t finish while waiting for your clothes to tumble and dry. And as you’re ironing your shirts, put on the latest episode of the Netflix drama you’ve been wanting to binge. We’re also hoping that with the advent of robots and automated technology, you might not even need to fold your clothes anymore.

So to take your laundry time to the next level, here are 6 laundry appliances that will make cleaning your clothes no longer a chore.

LG Signature Washer/Dryer

Imagine a washing machine that has all the technologies of the future packed into it. That’s what the LG Signature Washer/Dryer is. At first glance, it doesn’t look like your typical washer with its sleek and ergonomic exterior that exudes a premium aura. But this isn’t just another pretty toy – its Centum System reduces vibration and noise levels to 66dB, and you can control it via the touchscreen display that also recognises your frequently-used cycles. If you need to step away, you can connect to the machine through WiFi with its SmartThinQ technology. Yes, you read that right, this washing machine has WiFi.

The Laundress Detergent

There are many factors that go into ensuring your clothes don’t get ruined in the washer. The Laundress is an eco-friendly line of detergents and fabric care products created and personally tested by Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd. Their entire collection bears the familiar scent of freshly-laundered clothes, which is a blend of lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.

Photo credit: Jillian Guyette

Miele FashionMaster

Why settle for a simple ironing board and a steam iron when you can have the best of both worlds in the Miele FashionMaster? It’s a steam ironing system that ensures your clothes are evenly smoothed out with the uniform steam distribution through the iron’s honeycomb soleplate. The active ironing table boasts intelligent functions that can either inflate the table for more gentle smoothing, and suction for a more intense steaming. It’s all synced with the iron, so it knows when to turn on or off.

Seven Dreamers /laundroid

Folding clothes is probably one of the most boring chores ever, but the /laundroid by Japanese innovators Seven Dreamers is here to eliminate that process once and for all. For a cool price of US$16,000 (S$21,000), all you have to do is to insert your washed (and unfolded) laundry into a sliding drawer at the bottom, turn the dial, and the machine will fold the clothes for you based on a algorithmic process that’ll improve as you use it more. And if you think that’s not cool enough, it can also sort your laundry based by item (towels, shirts, pants) or by family member. Now all we need is to find a place in our homes to place this monolithic machine (maybe next to your LG Styler?)

Butler Luxury Hangers

The epitome of luxury is when you can sleep soundly at night knowing your coat jackets and shirts are hung on a hanger from Butler Luxury. The hangers are all crafted from a single piece of Grade A beech wood imported from Germany, and they can come in varying sizes to fit an individual’s neck width, so your suit doesn’t lose its shape (and yes, this applies for the ladies too). Silk hangers are also available for more delicate garments.

LG Styler

You wouldn’t subject your Gucci dress or Ermenegildo Zegna Couture suit to a no-name laundromat. Cue: The LG Styler, the proverbial answer to all your at-home styling woes. It’s designed just like your ordinary cupboard, but inside is a complex system that freshens, cleans, and presses any piece of clothing you put inside. If your closet has multiple articles of delicate clothing like silk, cashmere, and vicuña garments, the Styler will keep them all mould-free and ready to wear within 40 minutes.

The LG Styler retails for S$2,999.

Josiah Neo
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