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Design trend: 5 tips for Bohemian chic interiors

It’s summer and we’re lusting over beautiful Ibiza resorts with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea, as well as their Bohemian chic interiors — which happen to be among the top interior trends for 2017.

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Bohemian chic decor encapsulates the free-spirited, avant-garde lifestyle. Eclectic, stylish and sophisticated, the style is inspired by Eastern designs found in the Mediterranean, Morocco, India and Southeast Asia. This unique interior design style, made popular by vagabonds and wanderers of the 19th century, has now been given a modern twist by mixing contemporary and vintage pieces together. The look is achieved by mixing up colours, textures, ethnic patterns — cleverly combined to reflect one’s personality.

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Even if you prefer more neutral colours, boho elements — such as tribal and ethnic prints, along with a mix of textures, can be used to jazz up minimalist interiors. So Bohemian chic interiors really are unique and can be adopted by anybody.

The best part about Bohemian style interiors? There are no rules. In a society full of guidelines and trends we think we should follow, throwing together a living space with careless abandon is a refreshing change. If you need a head start, check out these easy pointers to make your home a truly unconventional and artistic abode.

Colourful patterns

Bohemian spaces are filled with vibrant coloured drapery, upholstery, and even feature walls. For a quick pick-me-up, rugs and mats with intricate patterns inspired by tribal or ethnic designs add interesting textures to the room.

Our pick? Vintage rugs, which are hand-crafted from finest wool, cotton or silk with long-established weaving techniques, and fashioned in eye-catching prints and colours.

What to buy: Any of the Persian carpets from Orientalist, according to your individual taste. Tribal Persian carpets are weaved by nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes, with each striking design made with hand-spun wool and natural dyes.

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Natural and rustic finishes

Furniture and accessories used in Bohemian chic interior design utilise natural or raw materials such as hemp, sisal, wood, and rattan. For more sustainable furniture, purchase pieces made by local craftsmen in countries such as Indonesia or Thailand. These striking items are bound to be great conversation-starters.

What to buy: Saba Rattan Chair (S$360) from Hemma. This stylish designer chair is made of natural rattan and iron, making the perfect centrepiece in your living room.

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Vintage finds

Vintage furniture, accessories and trinkets are major components of bohemian interior design. After all, you want your living spaces to look effortlessly, almost randomly, decorated with ornaments you discovered while rummaging through flea markets around the globe.

Antique mirrors, travel-themed curios, Moroccan artefacts, and artworks from around the world can all instantly brighten up your living space.

What to buy: Yalla Wall Mirror (S$345) from Jungalow. The beautiful mirror is handmade in Indonesia using rattan, wood, mirror, and weave. The best part is that each piece is unique, as rattan is a natural material that comes in a variety of shades.

(Image credit: Jungalow) 

Indoor plants

Embrace Pantone’s colour of the year and bring the outdoors in with potted plants. Lush greenery adds texture and colour into your living space, perfect for creating a free-spirited vibe.

What to buy: Mid Century Modern Plant Stand (S$58) from Etsy. This modern plant stand is inspired by the 1950s and is crafted from locally-sourced wood, mineral oil, black walnut and walnut.

(Image credit: Polly Wreford Photography)

Floor seating

A Bohemian home should always feel warm and inviting — so invest in plush sofas and throw in a few pillows to create a safe haven. Additionally, you can also incorporate a mix of other seating heights to create a comfortable and casual setting.

What to buy: Kashmir Floral Needlework Cushion (S$90) from Departures & Arrivals. Made by skilled craftswomen originating from Kashmir, a valley in the Himalayan region, this cushion is a modern interpretation of its traditional sewing method — which uses a single chain stitch technique.

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