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A crash course on the essential crystals you need in your home

Crystals almost magically elevate the aesthetics of your home, making it extra insta-worthy. Its various colours and interesting forms (be it in a cluster or tall geode) make it easy for home decorators to change up the look of their space. Even furniture makers are using crystals in accessories such as table lamps or coffee tables. This is perhaps why crystals have been so popular in interior design in recent years.

However, many also believe that they have special properties that enable them to transform the energy and mood of your entire space. It is said that each crystal has its own mineral composition and vibrational energy frequency. Some stones, like hematite and smoky quartz, vibrate with grounding energies, while others (pink danburite and selenite) emit higher frequencies — said to be powerful in spiritual healing.

Don’t mistake it for a new-age trend, though. You can use the unique properties of the crystals to your advantage and incorporate them into your home to improve the Feng Shui. How do crystals affect this ancient art and science that originated in China, you may ask? Feng Shui uses energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment, and each direction of the compass is associated with one of the five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, or water. Thus, placing crystals (which emit unique vibrational energy frequency) in a particular area is said to feed each direction.

Yes, starting a collection of crystals when you know nothing about them may seem daunting — but we’re here to help. Here, all the essential crystals you need in your home, as well as the most effective rooms to place them.

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Rose quartz

Colour is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing crystals. Pink, for instance, represents love, joy and selflessness. A very popular pink crystal is the rose quartz, said to give off a gentle, nourishing energy; encouraging both self-love and romantic love. Thus, it is a good crystal to have if you want to invite loving energy into your home.

Naturally, the best room to have rose quartz crystals is in the bedroom.

Where to position it: Place two rose quartz points in the southwest quadrant of your bedroom.


Amethyst is said to be the mother of all crystals. It is a stone of purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments. Amethyst also helps provide clarity to your thoughts, acting as a barrier against stress and anxiety. It is thus ideal for creating a relaxing, rejuvenating space.

The plus point? Amethyst is a stunning crystal which comes in many hues, from light pink to deep purple, indigo, and violet — so there is one to complement every colour scheme. If you’re looking to invest one especially for its healing properties, the most powerful crystal is one with the richest and deepest indigo hue.

Where to position it: Place an amethyst cluster on a coffee table in your living room, both for aesthetics and space cleansing. 


Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline has been used for decades by many African, Aboriginal and Native American shamans, as they believe it would protect them from danger. Indeed, it is a very protective crystal that acts as a negativity transmuter. The stone can also help you with grounding, creating a shield against harmful electro magnetic fields.

Black tourmaline is especially powerful by a front door, window, or entryway, as it helps “wash off” anything from the outside that you don’t want to bring in.

Where to position: Place the crystal by your front door or window to repel unwanted energies.


Clear quartz

Dubbed “The Master Healer” of all stones, clear quartz is an essential crystal and can be used for anything and everything. It is characterised by its translucent and clear look. Clear quartz is known for its cleansing energy, and is great for fostering clarity, balance, and healing.

Like rose quartz, clear quartz is a universal crystal — and can be placed anywhere in the home. It is especially great for the bathroom, a place of cleansing after picking up external energies throughout the day.

Where to position it: Place it by the shower or bath to enhance the energy of cleansing.



Pyrite is often called “Fool’s Gold” because of its resemblance to real gold. The stone has a strong protective energy and is said to help attract wealth, abundance and good luck. Additionally, its mirror-like quality repels unwanted energy, and help you reflect on self-sabotaging behaviours that are holding you back.

Incorporate the energy of pyrite in your study to promote a wealth of ideas, confidence, and creativity. Who knows, it might just result in goal-busting productivity.

Where to position it: Place pyrite on your desk in the study, or on top of your business cards.



This golden-hued crystal is popular for its beauty and healing properties, especially for those who want to invite more prosperity and abundance into their lives. Known as the “Merchant’s Stone,” citrine can help manifest more money by removing financial blockages, as well as attract new opportunities.

Where to position it: To attract abundance and prosperity, place it in a cash drawer or money box in a corner of your living room, study or bedroom.


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