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Can’t get the vegetables you need? Grow your own with these gardening kits

Being confined to our homes has us looking for new ways to fill our time, from baking, home workouts, to virtual tours of the world’s most epic destinations. Gardening is something else you can do that will yield fruitful results. Unfortunately for many of us, we’re not blessed with green thumbs or a large outdoor space. Here’s where urban gardening kits come in. These keep indoor harvesting simple, and often come with soil, pots, seeds, and everything else you need. All that’s required for you is to water and put it under sunlight, and voila! Your own produce in a matter of days.

Super Farmers

(Image: Super Farmers)

Growing your own food isn’t rocket science. Super Farmers’ Urban Farming Kit keeps all your essentials in one earth-friendly paper pot. Within, you’ll find a bag of organic potting soil, two seed sticks, and a growing guide. Pick from these vegetable varieties: Kang kong, Chinese kale (kailan) and chye sim. And if you need more reasons to purchase a kit, every one of them is assembled by underprivileged elderly ladies who are supported by the AMKFSC COMNET Senior Services. This initiative offers them financial support for their basic essentials of monthly rental and food.

Crops and Co

(Image: Crops and Co)

The mantra of Crops and Co is “You don’t have to be a pro to grow.” Its mission is to take the guesswork out of farming. The first thing to cross off your list here is the Basic Pot and Soil. Next, shop SeedCell. Take your pick from a wide range that includes mixed herbs, chilli, lettuce, and rocket. Once you’ve received them, simply fill your tub with the soil. Water it slowly until water begins to seep through the drainage holes. Push the sharp edge of the SeedCell into the soil, and place it under indirect sunlight. Seedlings will emerge after four to six days. Once they’ve outgrown the pot, simply repot into a larger pot. These are available on Crops and Co too.

Go Pasar

(Image: Go Pasar)

Find all your urban farming needs in one marketplace at Go Pasar. Look under the Gardening and Kits tab, and you’ll find a slew of choices. Want to grow your own pink oyster mushrooms? There’s a kit for that. Microgreens? Sorted. You can even shop a complete vegetable and flower seed set, complete with four medium-sized pots; mixed rich soil; one pair of cotton garden gloves; one seedling tray (eight pots); detailed gardening instructions; and a crate.

Everything Green

(Image: Everything Green)

Everything Green exclusively deals with microgreens for its superfood qualities. They’re rich in heightened nutrient levels, and believed to reduce your risk of disease. Begin with a starter kit, complete with a seed pack, growing medium, and planting pots. The Grow bag is a set of three that contains a Brassica mix, Asian salad mix, and spicy mix of seeds. Simply unseal, spray water, sow the seeds, and watch your microgreens grow. The deluxe microgreens starter kit comes with a terracotta pot, two pieces of hemp mats, one bag of microgreens germination mix, and six packs of GMO-free seed packs.

Easi Grow

(Image credit: Easi Grow)

Easi Grow relies on hydroponics, which refers to growing plants in a nutrient-rich environment that uses zero soil, 80 percent less water, and fewer pesticides. What you’ll expect in return is no weeds, and a doubled growth rate. You can start with the hydroponic mini garden, which combines a planting pot with a self irrigation system, a built-in water level sensor with LED light to alert you in case of low water levels, and a large nutrient solution storage that can keep up to one litre for an average of a two-week water supply. Once you’ve mastered this, you can move on to larger and more detailed setups such as the Pro Garden, and the top-tier and high tech Smart Cultivator that features a water tank farming automatic system, and an LED light system tweaked to an optimal wavelength for plants’ photosynthesis.

This article was first published on Prestige Online Singapore.