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Here’s how the LG Styler makes it easier to maintain your luxury fabrics

Everyone enjoys the lustre of having designer clothing, and with that comes a slew of fabric care specificities, especially if it is made from luxury textiles. That cashmere coat or silk dress may seem beautiful, but getting it clean often entails a full-on dry-cleaning service that few of us have time for. This is no reason to give up on owning that new taffeta Gucci gown or Zegna suit. Something like the LG Styler presents itself as a convenient answer to your situation.

This home appliance is a slim, sleek closet that comprises a system that can refresh, press, clean and gently sanitise your clothing. It runs completely on steam, making it an eco-friendly option as compared to the chemical-laden dry cleaning process. It also does everything in 39 minutes with the regular setting. Those in a rush can opt for the express function, which allows the user to enjoy the full benefits of refreshed clothing in 20 minutes.

The LG Styler isn’t limited to just cleaning your clothes, but a variety of fabrics, ranging from your pricey wool sweater to your household linens.

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Measuring 44.5cm x 58.5cm x 1.8m, it’s a narrow closet that can be easily integrated into any room.

“This product has been a home essential for the whole family. From steam-freshening our cushion covers, and my kids’ favourite soft toys, to my husband’s suits and even his favourite jeans. Best of all, for a fashion-loving mother, it freshens my silks, pleats, laces and leathers which I had to send frequently for dry cleaning or special care. Now I put them in the Styler, and it prolongs their use while cutting down on dry cleaning time, and cost,” said Tjin Lee, the chairman of Singapore Fashion Week, in a review.

The LG Styler is, as Lee said, an essential. As long as you’re fashion-forward and have a love for luxurious textiles, the LG Styler is your one-stop, efficient solution. Here are some ways it presents an easy alternative to cleaning and refreshing your high maintenance fabrics.

For more information on the LG Styler, see here.

The LG Styler retails for S$2,999. It is available at Best Denki, Harvey NormanCourtsGain CityAudio House and Mega Discount. 

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It prevents mould and mildew from growing on your fabrics

Improper drying or storage in damp conditions can cause mildew and mould to thrive on your clothes. The last thing you’d want to happen to your silk tie or new curtains is fungus growth. With the LG Styler’s steam sterilisation system, that’s something you’ll never struggle with again. The system removes 99.9 percent of the bacteria that lingers on your clothing, including those that propagate mould. This also helps anyone struggling with allergies, as triggering allergens that cling to your clothes get eliminated with each use of the Styler.

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Never lose the centre crease on your dress pants again

The hallmark of a well put-together suit is pants that bear a ramrod straight pleat down the centre. While this usually requires careful ironing, the LG Styler comes with an Easy Pants Crease Care System to make things easier — and hands-free. This is a ledge that you can place your trousers on to be softly steamed, and the result is wrinkle-free, pressed trousers with that signature crease you won’t lose throughout the day.

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You'll never scorch your delicate fabrics again

Let’s be honest, how many of us actually pay attention to fabric care labels, or have a steamer to deal with the more delicate clothing items in your wardrobe? Accidentally scorching your satin blouse with an iron is an irreversible situation, but that doesn’t happen when you own a Styler. Its Moving Hanger apparatus gently shakes your clothes at 180 revolutions a minute, removing odours and any creases. This is especially useful for clothes prone to scorching, as it doesn’t subject your luxury pieces to direct heat.

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It's a fuss-free way to clean your jeans and embellished apparel

Clothes made of denim, or embellishments like sequins aren’t the easiest to clean. Some of us don’t even wash our denim items that often, for fear of shrinkage, but the LG Styler is able to counteract that by gently steaming your jeans, and removing any odour-causing bacteria without the fear of compromising the snug fit you love.

When it comes to your trendy embellished clothes say, that full-on sequinned top or that prize souvenir bomber jacket, the LG Styler delivers the same fast, efficient cleaning methods without any damage. With the Styler’s ability to refresh your clothes, say goodbye to putting your statement items through the wringer in the name of hygiene. You’ll never have them come out worse for wear again.

Here’s how the LG Styler makes it easier to maintain your luxury fabrics

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